Tom Cole, and Networking Delaware, successfully overhauled and brought us into a safe, stable, and efficient (21st Century) network setup that meets my high expectations.  I’ve never had the luxury of such focused monitoring of our daily network health, and it is certainly reassuring.  But being alerted (from off-site) on changing hardware conditions requiring attention to avoid a network disruption or data loss, is just a peace of mind I honestly didn’t realize existed.

It was difficult for me to trust another with the security of our systems.  I’m delighted to have been convinced I can do just that.  Responsive, thorough, and quality service are three immediate strengths that I would offer to describe Networking Delaware.

Many thanks that Tom’s talents now work for us!

Julia L. Yearian Julia L. Yearian Vice President
Bauguess Electrical Services Inc.
Newark, Delaware

Honest, fast, and reliable expert service that has simply eliminated our network security concerns.

Since hiring Networking Delaware, we have found problems are recognized and resolved without any interference or disruption to business.

When we have a concern, or need to make a decision, Networking Delaware provides straight and easy to understand, insightful answers to assist us in making sound IT choices.

Since hiring Networking Delaware, we have had no instance of a security issue or interruption that has affected our network.

Networking Delaware provides honest, fast, and reliable expert service that has simply eliminated our network security concerns. Their tools, monitoring and expertise allows us to forget about our network and focus on our business.

We highly recommend Networking Delaware for any HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, or other mechanical or building contractor who needs and appreciates this level of service and security.

John Ratcliffe Operations Manager
Joseph Frederick & Sons

Networking Delaware can be summed up in three words…Peace of mind!

Networking Delaware has been handling the IT needs of my medical practice for several years, and throughout that time I have found their services to be focused, effective and highly responsive, especially when time is of the essence.

Their professional approach gives me confidence that whenever an IT issue occurs, it will automatically be addressed promptly and completely, no matter what it takes or whenever it becomes necessary, day or night.

To anyone considering hiring an IT services company, I would say, “Get off the fence and select the firm that has freed me to focus on my patients and my practice, not technology issues.

Dr. David M. Krasner DO, FAAFP
Family Practice Associates of Wilmington

“The BEST of the BEST”

Tom Cole with Networking Delaware truly is the “the Best of the Best! The best IT company that our office has ever had.  Tom has the skill and a sense of urgency that I’ve never seen before.  They are always available for problem’s and most importantly, for emergencies, no matter what time of the day it is.

My office had a power surge, that fried our computers. Tom was able to repair, replace and had us back up and running within a few hours.  He has gone above and beyond to help me solve computer issues. I highly recommend Tom Cole and Networking Delaware to anyone looking for high-quality dependable service.

Lisa Madron Lisa Madron Practice Manager
Diamond State Chiropractic

Simply The Best Delaware Network Support People Around

We have been using Networking Delaware for all of our computer network service and maintenance needs since we went into business. Through their proactive philosophy, sage advice and quick reaction to potential and active problems, they have saved our data, and therefore our business, many times. They monitor our systems and most times they know something is wrong before we do. We would highly recommend them for any type and size of business. They are simply the best Delaware network support people around.

Todd S. Gray President
Integrity Exteriors

I would rather concentrate on running my business and not waste my time trying to manage my computer network

I have been using Networking Delaware for our computer support since 2004; first with our machine shop and race-car manufacturing business, Stallard Chassis, and now with my international parts distribution business, Builders Choice.

Throughout that time, I have always found Networking Delaware to be responsive, fast, and efficient in handling any issues with our servers or workstations, interfacing with our CNC machining equipment or our Internet facing applications. They pay exceptional attention to our security and their advice on how to react if attacked has proven indispensable.

I would rather concentrate on running my business and not waste my time trying to manage my computer network… that we leave to the professionals at Networking Delaware.

I call and if they can’t solve it remotely, they show up in a couple of hours, quickly resolve my problems and I move on to the rest of my day. As simple as that… Peace of mind.

If you need dependable IT support, regardless of the type of business you are running, I strongly urge you to contact Networking Delaware.

Mark Stallard Builder’s Choice
Newark, Delaware

The most desirable choice for our company for more than a decade.

Networking Delaware is an incredibly professional and experienced company.  Their expertise coupled with on demand service has made Networking Delaware the most desirable choice for our company for more than a decade.
Tom is always readily available, flexible and considerate with his time to accommodate our sometimes-immediate networking needs and we happily recommend him and Networking Delaware.

Christina Vettori General Manager
Borsello Landscaping, Inc.

A Reliable Company That Goes Above and Beyond

Networking Delaware is a reliable company that goes above and beyond to get the job done on time and complete. Their knowledge has helped me out of many tough situations.

Dave Radulski P.J. Fitzpatrick

Networking Delaware always has the right answers

Over the past several years we have developed a business relationship with Networking Delaware. Our company has many high demands and needs a sophisticated networking system to keep us running smoothly. Networking Delaware always has the right answers and has been able to keep us secure and connected. One of their most helpful services is being able to help our company remotely because we are based in another state. This helps us save a lot of money!

Networking Delaware has been efficient in handling our system monitoring, letting us know what's going on, and helping us stay on track. Thanks for being so helpful, knowledgeable, and always being readily available!

Coleen Aaron Tiger Roofing of Maryland

Tom Cole’s team at Networking Delaware is all about QUICK RESPONSE AND YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION!!

Dennis Roberts ROI (Results Oriented Individuals)
Business Coaches and Trusted Advisors

Networking Delaware was definitely the right choice…

The Delaware and Baltimore office of G4S Security employed the expert services of Networking Delaware for networking and telephone upgrades. We are glad we did!

First, the Delaware office was relocated which required complete rewiring for modern-day business.  The Networking Delaware team worked hand in hand with my operations manager to complete a noticeably big job on time and within budget. The installation was clean, organized, and exactly what we expected. Once the new office was put on-line, we realized Networking Delaware was definitely the right choice in networking vendors.  In addition to their networking capabilities, they provided us with a state-of-the-art telephone system that we absolutely love!

Because of our confidence in their Delaware work we also installed an identical system in my Baltimore office. Again, the installation was perfect.

Please feel free to use us as a business reference. We would be pleased to let others know that choosing Networking Delaware is a business decision they would do well to consider.

Nicholas Paros General Manager
Maryland-Delaware G4S Security Solutions

Networking Delaware provides our business with the peace of mind that our client data is secure

We can't sing enough praise for Networking Delaware!  As a small accounting firm, the security and protection of our client data is extremely important. Networking Delaware provides our business with the peace of mind that our client data is secure and protected.  The service provided is excellent! They always solve any computer or networking problems we have such that our network and computers run smoothly.

In fact, we consider Networking Delaware to be an integral and seamless component of our business operations.

Lori R. Fuller, PhD. CPA, CFO F-Squared Consulting, Inc.

We have saved a lot of money by using Networking Delaware

We had an in-house IT person who left the company, so we ran an exhaustive search for a vendor who could provide for all our software and hardware needs, just as well as the in-house person did.  Networking Delaware meets all of those needs.  Their response time has been exceptional, and they are very easy to contact. They always know our system status, but when necessary we can reach them at any time via telephone or email.  The cost of having Networking Delaware handle all of our technology needs is probably a third of what it would cost to have someone in-house, yet the service is excellent.  We have saved a lot of money by using Networking Delaware.

David H. Eyler CEO
Prime Synthesis, Inc.

They have gone above and beyond to resolve our problems

Union United Methodist Church has been a client of Networking Delaware since 2014.  We cannot express enough how valuable they have been to Union Church.

When we contact them by email or phone, their response time has been outstanding.  They are courteous and professional, and Networking Delaware solves many of our problems remotely, saving us the cost of a visit.

Networking Delaware is a reliable and honest company.  When new equipment is needed, they consider our budget and recommend quality but less costly replacement products.  They have gone above and beyond to resolve our problems.  We highly recommend Networking Delaware.

Linda Halsey Administrative Assistant
Union United Methodist Church

It is almost as if we had an I.T. person on-site

Networking Delaware has been working with us for over 15 years, and the service is always outstanding!  It is almost as if we had an I.T. person on-site. Whenever we call with a computer problem, we always receive an immediate response to our needs.  I would highly recommend their services.

Calysta Amos Benefit Solutions Inc.

Bottom Line… We wouldn't change a thing!

We have been using Networking Delaware as our I.T. Support vendor since 2008 and we find their service to be outstanding. They have never let us down and while always very responsive to our requests, we often become aware of a problem because they detected a slight change in something on our network and alerted us to the situation.  This proactive approach allows me to feel confident in our daily operations.

We believe their "Network Defender" monitoring package is the best value for the money to be had in the area and depend on them to keep us informed, protected and up to date at all times.  We receive daily reports that list not only any potential problems, but equally as comforting, tell us when things are running smoothly.

Bottom Line… We wouldn't change a thing!  I recommend Networking Delaware to any business that depends on their computer system to stay profitable and performing at top efficiency

Susanna Jessup, CPA Jessup and Associates

They are always available to investigate a problem and fix it immediately

Tom Cole and Networking Delaware have been one of the best investments made by our company.  Tom has supported our company’s computer network system with skill and a sense of urgency that is second to none.  They are always available to investigate a problem and fix it immediately. Even more complex issues are resolved in 24 hours or less, even on weekends.  Tom has also helped me with personal computer issues such as recovering data from a crashed hard drive, and even hardware problems such as determining the source of my printer failure.  He has gone the extra mile to help me solve more difficult and unique problems such as finding computer hardware (PC boards), hard to find legacy software, and even parts for and integration of “old” laboratory instrumentation.  He is extremely conscientious of our budget, and always considers and tries less expensive solutions before recommending more drastic and costly ones.  I would highly recommend Tom Cole and Networking Delaware to anyone looking for high-quality dependable service at a good value. It was my pleasure to write this and I stand behind it.

Dianne Rothstein, PhD Vice President
Research, Prime Synthesis, Inc.

… their suggestions and advice ultimately saved both time and money.

I started my own business in 2010 after working many years for other financial institutions. When I did start my business, I called upon Networking Delaware to set up my office technology assets.  They were very professional; they delivered and installed my equipment, they confirmed my security status, and their suggestions and advice ultimately saved both time and money.

I would highly recommend Networking Delaware to any professional or organization seeking value in both I.T. expertise and dependability.

Jeff H. McDonald, CFP, MBA, ChFC Investment Management and Planning

Tom and the folks at Networking Delaware are our go-to guys for all things IT – big or small.   No matter the situation, they are always available to help.  They provide us with updates on Phishing Email campaigns, and issue other E-Alerts and tips when we need to be especially wary of various internet threats and scams.

Tom is our constant contact for any IT issue that may arise and can solve any issue that comes up.

One great feature of their service is they can access our computers remotely, saving time and money.  This is so helpful when what may appear to be minor question or concern, turns out to be a more complex issue where if you hit the wrong key…you could be doomed!

When they do have to come to our office, they act and dress professionally and explain things in plain English without talking in confusing technical jargon.

I’ve recommended Tom and Networking Delaware to many of my personal friends, customers and business associates.   That is how we came to work with them ourselves, through a business associate’s referral.  We have used their services for over 15 years, and we’ve been grateful for their help & advice ever since!

Susan Amos Benefit Solutions Inc.

Our Network Security is our priority and Networking Delaware LLC has done an excellent job.

Walter J. Bishop, AIF, CLU, ChFC Bishop Associates

We have worked with many companies in the computer profession for support and service throughout the years and Tom with Networking Delaware has always given the best advice and service to every business owner we have referred or recommended. It seems that they take every job seriously whether it's a small or big job. If you’re looking for a company that is easy to deal with and knowledgeable in networking and protecting your IT assets, Tom will make sure your needs are taken care of.

James Copes AHDTV Network