Why We Started Networking Delaware, LLC.

In 2004 we found ourselves facing a very serious decision about starting a business. It was a decision that we had causally considered many times over the years but always found ourselves staying with the relative security of our positions with our current employers. In October of 2004, after eighteen months of infrastructure rebuilding, Tom’s employer informed him that they felt things were now running so smoothly they no longer needed a full-time network administrator, and they were ending the position. Nevertheless, they were very happy with his contributions and wanted to hire him as an independent contractor to support their network.

The decision that we had pondered so many times, from within the shelter of full-time employment, had suddenly been thrust to the surface with a whole new urgency. After careful consideration, we decided that we had to take advantage of the opportunity, even if it wasn’t exactly the way we had envisioned.  Even though we found it somewhat intimidating, we moved forward with our decision to start a computer networking and IT services company with the intent to serve small and medium sized businesses.  Businesses that were typically too small to have their own IT department yet had the same needs as any other company; We would be their “virtual IT department”!

The basis of this decision came from a long-time dream of Tom’s to own and operate a computer services company, and do it the right way. His dream was the cumulation of his 20 plus years of experience and expertise working with computers and computer networks. During that time Tom had come to realize that he truly enjoyed the complexities and demands of working with computer systems. The real enthusiasm and interest that he has for computers and the technology is evident in his dedication and in general has made it easier for him to learn and to stay up to date with the ever-changing technologies in the industry.

As we began planning our new endeavor, we both quickly agreed that we did not want to be just another ordinary computer repair and services company. We wanted to really be the cream of the crop! We wanted to be known for consistently providing outstanding customer service!

We felt there was a serious need for an honest, dependable and responsive computer networking company that would not only help the local small business customer with their technology needs but also keep them secure, up to date and performing at top efficiency. With Networking Delaware it's not just about technology; the overall success of your business is crucial to us and our relationship.

Even though Cindy is the President of Networking Delaware, she continued to work part-time outside of the business for another 18 months. Over time, it became increasingly evident that there was a need for additional help to run the day to day operations and it only made sense for Cindy to step into this roll full-time. Today she happily wears many hats from bookkeeper to marketing director and everything in between.

With cybercrime at an all-time high we’ve now shifted much of our focus to network security and keeping our clients ahead of the ever-evolving threats.

There is nothing better than knowing we are able to help someone retrieve a file they thought was lost forever, or maybe a presentation they needed to deliver the next day, or to simply slam the door in the face of cyber-criminals.

We must say, it is a wonderful experience, the moment a new client realizes how committed we are to providing outstanding customer service and today, we feel we are meeting these challenges.

We have made many friends along the way, and it is our privilege to be able to serve them, our clients. We would like to serve you too!